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Our Priorities


The Bible is the final authority at Connection Church Athens. We believe the Bible is sufficient for everything. The Bible teaches us how to grow into spiritual maturity, how to preach on Sundays, and how to make the smallest decisions. God's revelation is our final authority. 


Christ is at the center of everything we do at Connection Church Athens. Jesus' work on the cross not only provides salvation through reconciliation to God but also sets the standard in everything we do. We want the smallest things we do to be God-centered. This is why we like to say, "It's all about Jesus!"


The Great Commission will be our mission at Connection Church Athens. God has called every person and church to participate in His global purpose. We want to play a part in making disciples and spreading the fame of Christ! 

Holy Spirit-Led

The Holy Spirit will be our personal Helper and Guide at Connection Church Athens. We believe that every person that makes up God's church has the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we will fervently pray and follow the Spirit in everything we do. 

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